Bad Experience in Roatan, 2003

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If you are thinking about going to Roatan scuba diving, please think twice. It took 4 planes to get there (the last 2 planes had no air conditioning). I sat beside a local on one of the flights and he warned me to be very careful because of the crime. He said there is a murder every day on the mainland. Roatan is a true third-world country with poverty and ! houses built on stilts. The diving was dangerous and for the advanced diver. The waves were so high, they use a life-saving donut to pull you back to the boat once you come up. The reefs were great but the fish life was just so-so. The resort (Fantasy Island) had a pretty beach but not much else. I couldn't get the internet or phones to work for 2 days. My husband and I both had bad diarrhea the entire time we were there. I have traveled all over the Caribbean and been on over 65 logged dives. I definitely would NOT recommend Roatan. Please feel free to contact me if you want more details regarding Fantasy Island or the diving.

by Dianne Lee

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